Ministry Team

One of our greatest assets is our fantastic ministry team. Their tireless efforts ensure that all of our programs and ministries run smoothly.  Let us take this time to introduce you to our dynamic team.

 Pastor Matt Foalden

Matt Foalden, Senior Pastor

Pastor Matt highly values the time he spends with the young people of the Meaford area. He looks for time to listen and connect to where they are at in life, and share truths from God’s Word. He has a love for sports and video games with a passion for history and culture. He has a supportive wife Jennifer and two young boys, Benjamin and Alexander. We call them Ben and Alex!


Phil Morrill, Associate Pastor in Children’s Ministry

Pastor Phil is devoted to serving God wherever He calls him. He has a passion to speak the word of God to anyone who will listen. He highly values truth and believes that Jesus Christ needs to be at the centre of our lives. He desires to continue learning and hopes to eventually get a Masters Degree on top of his Bachelors in theology. He has had a love for paintball for many years but basically enjoys any outdoor activity as well as video games. He has a very loving wife Kristaina, with two kids (and counting), Mason and Emma.

 Sandra Mullin

Sandra Mullin, Administrative Assistant

Sandra has been coming to Olivet for 30 years. There isn’t much that goes on that Sandra doesn’t know! She’s got a great sense of humour, a love for all types of music, and boy, can she type! The church would be lost without her. She and her husband Brian have three grown sons, two lovely daughters-in-law and they’re in the exciting stages of grand-parenting!