Youth Events!

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Olivet youth and young adults exist to “Bring glory to God in everything we say, think and do.”  We call ourselves “ER” which stands for “Eternally Redeemed.”  This name is a snapshot of what we care about most… young men and women knowing that they have a life-giving, love relationship with Jesus Christ.

The youth group is about learning and living this relationship.  What does that look like?  It’s accepting each other for who they are and encouraging one another through love and service.  It’s celebrating life and lifting each other up in prayer.  It’s making the Bible the centre piece of life.

There are several times that the youth group meet during the week, as well as special events.  These are all posted on the Event Calendar.  A description of the meetings are below.

Meltdown!  – ALL Youth Grade 6 and Up

Junior & Senior youth come together to be challenged in their faith and in their capacity for fun!  Games, mix and mingle time, faith stories, prayer; an age relevant time in God’s Word.  This group meets every  Monday from 7 to 9 pm.    Please contact Pastor Matt for details.


Special Events

Stay tuned and stay in touch!  Some events include: Paint-balling, shopping trip to the city, summer beach and water sports, tobogganing, camping, theme events, and so much more throughout the year! Check out the Event Calendar (link top right) for more details.

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