How to get baptized

Have you been wondering how you can follow through with a baptism? There are a few things you have to do before you can be baptized. The most important thing to do is repent to Jesus and our Lord for your sins and welcome Him into your heart. He will forgive you if you repent and truly mean it. He will save your soul and make you whole again in His name. You must truly believe in our Lord and believe that He is our Savior. You will know you have been saved as it is a feeling of wholeness and overwhelmingly incredible.

After He saves you, you need to confront your pastor and tell them how you have been saved and became whole with the Lord. If you don’t have a pastor or belong to a church, you will need to find one that conforms to the beliefs of the Lord and His Bible.

Once you confront the pastor, he/she will then ask if you would like to join the church and/or will ask if you would like to be baptized. There are many different ways of baptism: one is aspersion. Aspersion is when the pastor reads from his/her Bible and will sprinkle water over your head. This isn’t as common, but you will still be whole with the Lord and your sins will still be washed away.

There is also immersion. Immersion is the most common one that people decide to do. Many times you will be taken to a body of water and go in it about waist deep with your pastor. It is always best to wear older clothing of your choice and make sure you bring a towel. Your pastor will speak about the Lord and how your soul was saved by Him like he would if you were baptized with aspersion.

After he speaks, he will place a washcloth or a form of old fabric over your face and dunk you underwater as he announces that you are baptized in the name of the Lord. Some pastors prefer just getting a small bucket/bowl and pouring it over your head. Once you’re baptized in the blood of the Lord, you are officially washed free of your sins. Many pastors will baptize you in the name of the Lord, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes after baptism, pastors will ask if you would like to join their church and become a member if you haven’t done so already.

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